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SAMHAIN candle

SAMHAIN candle

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Halloween Limited Edition

Samhain (sounds like Sow-in) is the ancient Celtic tradition marking the end of the light and start of the dark half of the year. Ghosts and spirits were said to return from the other side as the veil thins on the night of October 31st. Offerings were made, bonfires were burned, as well as festival goers donning costumes to disguise themselves from any mischievous spirits. It is said that Samhain is the origin of what we now know as modern Halloween! With notes of Pumpkin and Firewood, this is truly the smell of the past meeting the future on this day.

7 oz. candle hand poured in Austin, TX


All candles made with Phthalate free fragrances and/or essential oils in premium Coconut Soy wax. Our wax is clean burning, biodegradable, and natural. It is also skin safe, vegan, and non toxic.

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