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Hukka Orbits Eye Stones

Hukka Orbits Eye Stones

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Orbit stones are the perfect solution for puffy or tired eyes. Whether from too much computer time, a long night partying, or itchy allergy eyes, these stones will bring instant relief! Place your orbit stones in the fridge before use, then find a comfy spot to lay and relax. 

These stones come from a Carelian soapstone bedrock that formed over 2 billion years ago in Finland. Hand-carved from 100% Carelian soapstone, these eye stones are super dense which makes them great for hot or cold therapies. 


-Set of 2 Carelian soapstone orbits

-Dimensions: 1.75 x 1.5 inches (diameter x width)

-Carelian soapstone, 100% natural stone.


How to use

Place cooled orbit stones on your eyes and relax.

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